[AusNOG] Routing Issue - Telstra Connect IP services

Jarryd Sullivan Jarryd.Sullivan at area9.com.au
Sat Apr 7 14:03:29 EST 2018

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone from Telstra is able to assist, my Telstra account exec is on leave this weekend, non contactable. I contacted the IP faults line about a routing change that was made by the Telstra FNC team for a customers connect IP network on Friday evening. They created a case for me as we're having routing issues with the routing changes they made.

I was contacted by the level 2 team who have advised they cannot fix the routing issues, but  the L3 team needs to fix it, it won't be fixed until Monday.

This network has 9 hour 24x7 support including public holidays, and as my customers 3 sites are offline (they rely upon remote desktop services) and they're a law firm, they're not too happy.

The FNC team aren't available, therefore can't revert the change for me, and so now we're stuck in limbo. I've come up with a backup plan to bring up one of their sites online with a backup internet connection and changing the default gateway on all their internal devices, but this is going to be a rather nasty work around that I'd rather avoid.


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