[AusNOG] Hiring 5 x Network Admins and Engineers

Andrew Khoo Andrew.Khoo at amaysim.com.au
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I'm going to add a me too here :)

amaysim are hiring plumbers and tool-makers - primarily in Sydney and Melbourne, but remote working is an option.

happy to upskill folks that can write in perl/php/python/ruby/golang etc etc and our shop has the latest tooling and methodologies in the dev/devops space.

we already have a huge contingent of 100+ devs but they are all already working on rolling out our other verticals (mobile, energy, devices etc)

email off-list and we can talk at our next industry social in Sydney next week (Oct 26 - details to follow) or grab a bevvy with us on our next visit to Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth.

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Hi all,

Not normally doing this, but at Superloop we are looking to recruit between 5-8 network admins and engineers.  These rolls will be working on a series of projects including network migration and integration.

We are looking for both experienced Engineers and also junior Admins that we can work with an upskill over time.

Formal PD's/ads will be coming out soon, but for the benefit of Ausnog community dropping it here first. If you're keen please send your CV to careers at superloop.com<mailto:careers at superloop.com>


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