[AusNOG] Lessons Learned From SA Blackout

John Duffin jduffin at uptimeinstitute.com
Fri Sep 30 12:21:41 EST 2016


I’m the MD for Uptime Institute in Australia.  After Superstorm Sandy in the US we published an article on the Lessons Learn by Operators of Critical Data Facilities.


I’d like to do the same for the SA Blackout.  Its only when events like this happen that we really understand what’s going on. If anyone has something they would to share either in this forum or direct to jduffin at uptimeinstiute.com<mailto:jduffin at uptimeinstiute.com> I’d be grateful.  In particular:

·         What warnings do you get

·         What preparations did you make?

·         What went well?

·         What didn’t go well?

·         Lessons learned?



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