[AusNOG] Any Akamai Contacts or some advice on dealing with them?

Ryan Crouch ryan at apexn.com.au
Thu Sep 22 09:03:41 EST 2011

Morning Ausnog,

I am curious if there are any Akamai staff around that can help me with how
their system is handing out cluster selection. I know its via DNS etc, but I
have had the primary source cluster change on me 3 times this year alone and
it's starting to get a little bit annoying. I have once or twice before
logged tickets with their NOC only to have the query lost in the void.

Has anyone had any joy speaking with Akamai in locking down which clusters
they use/poll or at least selecting one that they will primarily return DNS
results for? I realise the system is 'smart' and is handing out sources
close to our network but the result is not ideal.

Thanks in advance,

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