[AusNOG] Routing instability on Internet

Matt Carter matt at iseek.com.au
Fri Sep 9 12:17:20 EST 2011

Hi Phil,

Will touch base off list, I was waiting for someone to say something on list :)
I have noticed a large amount of route instability commencing at ~6.25am this morning.
There was a short period of instability prior to that.
My visual representation of prefix instability as I see it can be seen here

This is mirrored by Renesys.com and their network of however many thousands eBGP views

-          A baseline of ~200 prefixes with "mild" instability transitioning to ~3000prefixes with "very high" instability

-          Their view of the global routing table has dropped from 363,600 prefixes down to ~362,200, and there continues to be oscillations between ~326,800 & ~326,200.

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If your a wholesale / large SP or serve large number of downstream BGP customers, please contact me (OFFLIST) about a current route instability effecting large parts of Internet.

I help explain some 'funny' business going on with BGP.

Best Regards
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