[AusNOG] OT: Vendorware and associated swag.

Sean K. Finn sean.finn at ozservers.com.au
Thu Oct 13 14:51:42 EST 2011

Was that the stick of Fibre?

That's floating around here somewhere but we had to agree to stop using it as an ICBM (Inter-Cube Ballistic Missile) in case someone got a glass-fragment-needle-stick injury.

I was an unwilling, although happy, participant, in to an attempt to convert the entire Vocus Cache of RedBULL to vendor-swag however from AusNOG.

You will be happy to know that 3 Cans made it through customs and ended up in our NOC for the team here.


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Your welcome to the stick of rock that Vocus gave me at Ausnog!


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Hi Guys,

Slightly off-topic (Very).

Some of my NOC Guys get presents after we get back from events like AusNOG and other events, in the form of, for example, AusNOG Shirts, Cisco Shirts, Google Pens, Rubix Cubes, Flashy things and Equinix Velcro ties.

Being in the background means that they don't always get to come along to events, so we try to look after them by bringing back as much 'swag' as possible and sharing it around.

However, sometimes there's just not enough to go around, and not everyone gets looked after!)
(A notable Exception was an AAPT Event this morning that provided Chocolate covered Coffee beans. We were able to get away with enough swag to deck out the whole office. Thank you AAPT.).

MY QUESTION to the list is,
Apart from turning up for events, are there any links that anyone is aware of that we can request vendorware, swag and other nicknacks from?

If any vendors are on the list and would like to send some swag or vendorware our way for the guys in the background, please feel free.

Of course, this is very off-topic, slightly tounge-in-cheek, but I promised the guys that I'd post to AusNOG to find out., and, hopefully score them some swag.
(And several lurk on this list, too).


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