[AusNOG] Freeware Project Management

Jonathan Thorpe jthorpe at Conexim.com.au
Tue Aug 23 12:25:26 EST 2011

Hi Bruce,

It's not free, but we use Atlassian Jira. It's licensing is $10/year for up to 10 users and $1,200 a year for 25 users (going up from there). For what we save in maintaining Jira, it's worth the licensing fees.

Prior to Jira, we used the free and open source Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/) which is quite easy to use for the most part, but creating multiple projects required some effort.

Both of these tools are designed ultimately for software project management, but we use these for provisioning, maintenance and non-software projects as well.

Kind Regards,

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Hi noggers,

As we're getting bigger its becoming more harder  with larger projects to stay on top of things, were looking for  a freeware easy to install/use solution I was wondering what you guys use and what your experiences are?


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