[AusNOG] Domain Name Group Pty Ltd cheaky marketing...

Bruce Forster bruce at tubes.net.au
Tue Aug 16 15:35:26 EST 2011

Hi Noggers,


So, just now the accounts people sent me over this notice that a domain name
needed renewing. I looked at the name on the document it wasn't one of our
domain's but  we do own the .com.au version of the domain. We also don't do
business with "Domain Name Group"


So I looked again and handed it to my co-worker who pointed out it says
"Domain Name Available"

The document is layout very much like a bill you'd expect to get from a
domain register and I'm sure some people are getting caught out paying for
domains they just didn't want in the first place, so people be aware.

Has any noggers gotten one of these notices?


I hosted it for you guys, yeah I cut a few things out of the notice:


Also rang the main line got a message saying all staff are busy and to leave
a voice mail.







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