[AusNOG] New /21 on Bogan / Delinquent Lists

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Team Cymru already offer a BGP route-server you can peer with to treat bogons appropriately according to your networks policy:




Rather than blame APNIC, I’d be blaming poor engineering practices where you have staticly coded in IANA unassigned space as unroutable (I’m looking at you 90% of the “managed service/security providers”) and aren’t keeping up with the bulletins that come out when IANA allocate the space to an RIR for use.






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What happened to the APNIC de-bogon project?


I'd argue that APNIC's should be pro-active in de-bogon'ing prior to allocating the IP space. The range should be at least 90% routable prior to being allocated.


It shouldn't be left to the poor network operators who get assigned new IPs to contact NOCs and get it de-listed.


Additionally, it wouldn't take much to do this testing. A single linux server with some scripts and quagga is all it'd take.


In the case mentioned below about telstra's SMTP servers blocking the allocated range... that should be done with prefix lists at BGP peering points, not at firewall/application level.


RSS feed for bogon list anyone?








On 16/09/2009, at 10:02 AM, Nathan Brookfield wrote:


I agree, it is certainly no fault of APNIC but they were initially less than helpful when I advised them that we were having severe routing issues a week after the allocation was issued.

I have had a great response from users on the group and I appreciate everyone who has contacted me directly, you've all been a great help.

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Nathan Brookfield wrote:

Hi All,


I know this is a bit of an unusual request, not something I see on AUSNOG regularly but we have had the very unfortunate luck of being assigned a /21 from APNIC within the last 2 months which we are now slowly starting to assign to customers.


A bit of "spam" to operator lists isn't unreasonable for this sort of 

When the first customer was put onto this subnet they advised that traffic from our network to ExeTEL appeared to be null routed into a blackhole so after raising a ticket with ExeTEL I quickly found out that the allocation had been blacklisted some years back for malicious activity, over the last weeks we have been escalating issues to Singtel and a long laundry list of other peers who have the prefix blocked.


Today we are dealing with Telstra who have the prefixed denied on all SMTP servers which has been fun but looks like it’s almost at an end. 


Can I please reach out to all Sys Admins on the group to check your networks and if you are blocking if you could please allow traffic from this subnet back into your networks.


APNIC of course are no help, the fact it appears this subnet is less than 90% routable does not help as they just won’t re-issue the allocation plus we are too far past that stage now ☹


We've that trouble a few times over the last couple of years, but I 
don't think APNIC are at any fault at all for it. They send out 
notifications about new address ranges they're going to allocate around 
12 months in advance to a number of operator forums (I think this one 
included). I think it's lazy sys/netadmins who are at fault - if they're 
going to put these sorts of blackholing measures in place, they need to 
fulfill the ongoing obligation they've created to keep the up to date. 
If they're not going to do that, then they shouldn't cause trouble for 
the rest of us by doing it in the first place.


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