[AusNOG] Issues with Cisco IOS 12.4(25) ?

Ross Delaforce ross at livewire.com.au
Wed May 6 00:10:15 EST 2009

Hi Greg  
At my employer we upgraded one of our Internet facing 7200s to 12.4(25) and had it crash twice in around 45mins.  Also had major issues with it bringing up BGP sessions running password protection to 3 out of 5 peers that ran it.  
Ended up doing a stack of dumps for TAC but gave in and rolled back to 12.4(23).  We also bailed on the idea of doing our 2801/21/51 fleet until we had an opportunity to gain lab time to test it before deployment anywhere.  



Ross Delaforce

  From: Greg [mailto:gregm at servu.net.au]
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Subject: [AusNOG] Issues with Cisco IOS 12.4(25) ?

Hi All,

Is anyone on AUSNOG running this on any of their Cisco 2800/7200's?

We upgraded one of our borders to this last week, and since then have been
having constant issues.


bdr1.per uptime is 24 minutes
System returned to ROM by error - a Software forced crash, PC 0x4007C19C at
13:36:51 UTC Tue May 5 2009

We have submitted a TAC case, but have yet to hear a resolution. We were
about to push this out to about 10 2811's and a bunch more 720(4/6)vxr's but
at this stage are holding off....



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