[AusNOG] 530 Collins - Equinix Backhaul Capacity

Nick Brown nick at inticon.net
Tue Jan 20 10:20:47 EST 2009

Morning All,

I am interested to hear if anyone in 530 Collins (MELB) has excess capacity
to Equinix (SYD) that they are looking to offload ­ we are looking in the
vicinity of 20Mbit.

We would be looking at 2-3 VLAN¹s from A to Z ­ obviously having Q-in-Q
would be a plus but beggars can¹t be choosers :-)

This is aside from the usual of getting quotes from NN and Pipe, am about to
go down this path now.

At this stage this is purely conceptual but has the potential to be required
quickly if the math's adds up.


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