[AusNOG] Germany Legislates For Mandatory Web Filters

Ian Manners 2600 at comkal.com.au
Fri Jan 16 15:54:48 EST 2009



"Germany's Minister for Families has announced a legislative initiative to force ISPs to 
implement a government-mandated block list (in English), which will be updated daily. 
The BKA (Germany's equivalent of the FBI) will be in charge of generating and 
maintaining the list. As usual, this is being brought in under the 'fight child porn' guise. 
The minister is quoted as saying: 'We must not water down the problem' in reply to 
being challenged that this law and technology could be used to censor other content. 
She then went on to say: 'I can't know what wishes and plans future governments will 
develop.' She has agreed the principle of the legislation with the interior minister and 
the technology minister, which in German coalition government terms means it's pretty 
much a done deal."


What can I say....

Ian B Manners

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