[AusNOG] Call for Nominations to the APNIC Executive Council

David Hughes david at hughes.com.au
Tue Jan 6 11:01:04 EST 2009

Hi all,

It's EC election time again and we have another an opportunity to have  
Australian representation on the APNIC EC.  This year, James Spenceley  
will be running for one of the vacant seats.  It became obvious that  
my attempt to win election last year failed not because of lack of  
support from Aust / NZ, but due to a lack of relationships with other  
Asian organisations.  The election process is rather complicated and a  
nominee must win the support of other nations if s/he is to have a  
chance of being elected.  James has spent a great deal of time and  
effort building those relationships and I personally believe that he  
has a great chance of making it into the EC this year.

James will make further comment to the list once he's fully back on  
deck from holiday.  The support AusNOG "members" provided me last year  
was fantastic.  Please provide the same support to James so that we  
can get some Australian representation onto the EC.



On 05/01/2009, at 4:43 PM, Sunny wrote:

> _______________________________________________________________________
> Call for Nominations to the APNIC Executive Council
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Four positions on the APNIC Executive Council (EC) will be opened for
> election at APNIC 27 in Manila on Friday, 27 February 2009.

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