[AusNOG] Fwd: Upgrade to MyAPNIC - MyAPNIC 2 Beta

David J. Hughes David at hughes.com.au
Tue Sep 23 09:38:45 EST 2008

This is a great example of APNIC listening to it's members and acting  
on the feedback.  The issues relating to the requirement to use cert's  
to access MyAPNIC were discussed at AusNOG-02 and this is a very quick  

Well done APNIC !


Begin forwarded message:

> Upgrade to MyAPNIC - MyAPNIC 2 Beta
> _______________________________________________________________________
> APNIC is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to the MyAPNIC
> service. As part of the strategic goals for continuous improvements to
> APNIC web and related services and in response to your feedback, APNIC
> have updated the MyAPNIC service so that you can now gain access  
> with a
> username and password.
> MyAPNIC is a secured member service website that allows your
> interaction with APNIC in a secure environment. For example, you can
> view all the resources held by your organization and current and past
> membership payments.
> You will now be able to access MyAPNIC 2 Beta with a username and
> password. This simple login process and the enhanced contact and user
> management screens are features designed to simplify the management of
> resources.
> Existing MyAPNIC users will simply need to re-enrol online to get  
> their
> usernames and passwords immediately activated. We recommend that you
> continue using MyAPNIC Beta once you have gained access to it.
> If you do not have access to the current MyAPNIC, you will need to
> register for a username and password and require a corporate contact  
> to
> authorize your registration for MyAPNIC 2 Beta.
> Register now for your username and password at:
>   https://beta.myapnic.net
> For more information, visit:
>   http://www.apnic.net/myapnic/myapnic2-beta.html
> or contact helpdesk at apnic.net.
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Member Services                                    Tel: +61 7 3858  
> 3188
> Asia Pacific Network Information Centre       Email:  
> helpdesk at apnic.net
> http://www.apnic.net                       SIP:  
> helpdesk at voip.apnic.net
> _______________________________________________________________________

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