[AusNOG] Write up - Big ISP, little ISP, local internet exchanges

David J. Hughes David at Hughes.com.au
Mon Sep 8 11:44:50 EST 2008

> At the first global intranet I was working with (~20 backbone
> locations, ~1200 routers), each access network under the backbone
> had its own routing cloud (which was exchanged towards the
> backbone routing cloud), with its own default gateway (the backbone
> didn't have a default gateway) to an internal firewall/DMZ host
> which had tunnels towards the other internal firewall/DMZ hosts to
> exchange traffic towards external third parties.

If these "access networks" all hang off a "real" backbone, surely  
you'd just drop them each into their own VRF and leak routes to your  
heart's content?  Sounds like the classic poster-boy problem for MPLS  


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