[AusNOG] dial-up modem with 48v DC power option?

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Sat Sep 6 09:50:41 EST 2008

Charles Wyble wrote:
> So I'm not quite sure what good a modem would do.
A PSTN line is most likely to work in even trying circumstances - in a 
lot of locations you need PSTN to get DSL anyway.   If you're at a point 
where you've lost all normal connectivity to a POP then you don't want 
to have to worry about the state of a DSL line - you want to be able to 
dial in, work out if it's hardware or a provider issue, maybe use your 
power systems to reboot equipment etc.  Given that all our gear is 
manageable over 9600bps serial connections - why add the complexity of 


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