[AusNOG] Write up - Big ISP, little ISP, local internet exchanges

Steve Baxter steve at thebaxters.com
Fri Sep 5 11:11:10 EST 2008

> > up by both "edge ISPs" and "transit providers" and what transit
> > providers can do about it to overcome it.
> Make sure you do some research into obtaining "cheap transit" via
> naive configs at peering exchanges.
> Start with the Telstra/Access One/Connect interconnect fiasco in the
> 90's and what a combination of no-export and selective deaggregation
> you.

Also - perhaps relevant, make some enquiries about ISPs at peering
points not nailing down proxy servers so all and sundry get MISS access
:-)  Not as much wide spread use of caching proxy servers nowadays


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