[AusNOG] If you need an authorised Cabler for Globalswitch

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Mon Oct 27 00:44:18 EST 2008

Hey all,

	I regularly get asked if I know anyone who is approved to do cabling
in Globalswitch.  There are a few, but some are expensive, while others are

	We've been using someone new - Fibre Dart - who has already done a
number of jobs for us and other ISP's in GS with excellent results and
pricing.  They've also gotten to know the site pretty well and know the
procedures on how to get things done.

	They have all the right licences etc and are also electricians as
well as master cablers and so on.  The biggest job they did for us was
cabling an entire hall at Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre for the World
Youth Day media centre which involved cat5/6, fibre and copper (PSTN/ISDN)
and the whole thing went perfectly.

	Yes this is a bit of a plug, but I get asked so regularly that I
thought these lists could use another contact for someone who does good

	His details are:

Adrian Hallstrom
Fibre Dart
[M] 0415 331 202
[P] 02 9037 0606
[F] 02 8324 6360
[E] adrian at fibredart.com.au


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