[AusNOG] Outsourcing Green Power

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Sat Oct 4 12:56:45 EST 2008

Hey Bill,

Any chance you can fill us in on the Google peering on Pipe/Equinix in
Sydney since your name seems to be all over it.


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      On Fri, 3 Oct 2008, Sean K. Finn wrote:
    > We'd like to pay money to someone to offset our carbon use. I don't
have time to plant trees or do whatever's required for  this, but would
prefer to chanel the money to someone who does this as a specialty.
    > Does anyone know of any organisations that will offset x amount of
carbon or kilowatt hours or whatever measurement for x dollars so that we
can feel socially responsible?

We use Terrapass.  http://www.terrapass.com/


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