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I would have to say go with the escalation process and when/if necessary use it taking down as much info as possible regarding the problem simply b/c as you go up the chain the more detailed info you'll need. The other way is to build a good business relationship with an Engineer who makes him/herself freely available....This has always worked for one of your more active posters ;o). Processes only go so far. Good relationships will always get you a result.

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Then ringing and politely checking every 15 minutes to  'see how they are going' with an issue when it's obvious they are trying to ignore it helps too.


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Their response is certainly not reasonable.... But you will find it the case a lot of the time.

I've had BGP issues with several carriers on the weekends and late at night, and it has always been a nightmare getting them to escalate to someone who has a clue with BGP to look at the issues.... Most of the time the 'NOC' staff don't even know what BGP is much less able to fix it.

It is probably too much to expect the people answering the phones to be know BGP, but they should understand the concepts of their network, and they should be able to escalate the ticket to someone who actually knows what to do - or who to call.  I find that 'hyping' the outage in these cases helps... tell them it is a critical outage involving some large number, or important end customer or some such...  works most of the time.  When that fails I ask for their escalation contacts and start calling account managers mobiles and other people I can annoy who know how to else to annoy.

Does your contract talk about their SLA's?  I find that most SLA's are severely lacking and rarely detail their NOC's response and actions.

If the sales guy said that then there has been a breach of verbal contract - but you'd have fun fighting that.  Go up the line.... Not that it helps sometimes... try talking to Soul... they're TPG's bitch now and barely have any ability to get things done with their upstream network.  Last BGP issue I had with Soul took a huge effort by the Soul people to get the TPG phone monkey to even wake up the on-call engineer - and that took hours.  Soul sales guys have been nice, but in the end, it's a signed deal and they don't really care that much - but Soul has been like that for a while.... I think they sold theirs......  a long time ago ;-)

With Primus... I'd pressure them... raise it as an outage... if you aren't getting the right feed or something like that, then I would consider it an outage, as these kinds of things can have cost implications as well as cause degraded services.  Demand they escalate - get as high as you can and anyone who won't help you, escalate again if possible and remind them they are in breach of their support agreements... usually works.  Then talk to the sales people and get the situation fixed if you can... otherwise, buy elsewhere and let everyone know how you were treated.  If Soul only knew how many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars of revenue and flow on business they have lost because of their extremely slack technical and sales support.


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NOC, NOC, who's there?

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Hi all,

We have recently started buying transit from Primus in their Melbourne DC.  We have come across a BGP issue with their service and their NOC is telling us that they only do BGP support 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.  I guess they figure that BGP issues are very friendly and usually only arise during business hours.

This is especially frustrating since I actually asked their business development manager during the sales process "does Primus have a 24x7 NOC we can contact, staffed by engineers capable of troubleshooting BGP issues etc" and he said yes.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with Primus?  Does this seem reasonable?



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