[AusNOG] native v6 transit?

Mark Prior mrp at mrp.net
Thu Mar 20 00:42:04 EST 2008

Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
> Stephen Baxter wrote:
>> Would this cause operational issues for anybody ?
> We'd like to know beforehand - we already carry IPv6 natively on all our 
> peering routers and would want the chance to clean out the transit 
> routes (or at least those that don't offer additional connectivity).
> Of course, I'm sure if you're looking for someone who's at all your 
> peering points and already carries IPv6 natively and could help you out, 
> then you know the people to call.

I think that anyone who already has purchased transit would like to know 
the nature of the underlying technology, e.g. is the transit provider 
using tunnels or is it dual stack/native? They might also want a way to 
signal so that their announcements are blocked from the transit. This 
probably applies in the peering case too as they may have a native 
peering elsewhere that they would want to use in preference to a tunnel 
based solution (where the MTU has been buggered up).


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