[AusNOG] Spotted a good deal on 2nd hand cabinets.

Sean K. Finn Sean.Finn at ozservers.com.au
Fri Jan 25 00:47:01 EST 2008

No offence taken, the more info like this we all share the better.

Where's the best place to get cheap Dell rails?

Cheers. :)


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Hey all,

No offence meant Sean, but this is hardly a good deal these days.  You
get brand new 45RU HP racks off Graysonline (sold by HP) for much less
that.  I just bought 2 * 45RU and they were about $170+$180 delivery...
the other day 2 * 36RU racks for $65+$180 delivery.  

Also check eBay, Dola, Pickles, etc etc.  Racks are in HUGE supply at


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Hi All,

Have just spotted a good deal, and thought netizens on this list might
be interested. If anyone's looking for some cheap racks/cabinets,
Australian Computer Traders @ The gabba in Brisbane has about 60 second
hand Rack-Technologies 600mm deep and 1000mm deep full height cabinets
in good condition going cheaply. Bout 500 - 600 Bucks each fully kitted
out with sides and perforated fronts/backs. Contact name there is Ivan @

Sorry for the spam, but it looked like a good deal so I wanted to share.

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