[AusNOG] Peering and PeeringDB

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Fri Jan 11 11:52:15 EST 2008

Well, a few people added their records ... thanks.

I'll reiterate - the more people who do this, the more content providers 
(CDNs especially) will view Australia as having a vibrant, not apathetic 
community.   If they view us positively then they're more likely to 
bring content locally to Sydney etc which reduces our transit 
requirements AND improves performance for customers as none of these 
guys want to do transit to us for their content (and heck we don't want 
them to either!).

Please spend 10mins on adding your details in.  There will be 
discernible benefits for us all.


Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:
> Hi All,
> I realise that in Australia peering is approached quite differently to 
> the rest of the world in that all of the major peering points here are 
> multilateral, so people don't care greatly about having to build the 
> relationships to peer - they just connect to one of the peering points 
> and that's it usually.
> But:
> There exists a database which contains a lot of peering information from 
> around the world called "PeeringDB" 
> (https://www.peeringdb.com/login.php?ret_link=%2F&type=notLogged).
> It'd be really good for everyone who runs a network in Australia (and 
> elsewhere) to fill in their information in this database in the most 
> complete way possible.
> Why?
> When a lot of people look around the AsiaPac region for places to put 
> their infrastructure for content delivery (most importantly) it's 
> important that they see, at least at first glance, a vibrant peering 
> community here who will be interested in peering (even though it's 
> multilateral) with them to acquire content.
> Currently PIPE Sydney only lists 7 companies peering - only 3 being 
> Australian!   There should be 68 entries there.
> WAIX only lists 11 - where there should be 70 odd!
> So, please, help us all by filling in your entry because it helps the 
> big content delivery companies become more aware of how important 
> peering points are here and help get the content owners interested in 
> delivering content here.

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