[AusNOG] Happy new year / New rules forage-restricted internetand mobile content after the 20th ofjanuary 2008

Barrie Hall barrie at mypond.net
Sat Jan 5 13:04:48 EST 2008

> I think the key point here is that everyone in the industry will
> need to "clean" traffic themselves, making clean feeds from upstreams
> mostly worthless, and removing acquisition of clean upstream feeds
> as an option for small providers.
> That means even a small ISP will potentially be up for a large
> financial outlay in equipment, software and developer time.
> This is something that respondents to the inevitable industry
> consultation phase would do well to remember, and draw attention
> to when they're dissecting the cost model that underlies the
> Government's model.
> While we're having this entertaining little diversion, lets be
> careful do avoid doing what we geeks do all the time, which is to
> exhaustively investigate some kind of technical overview of how
> the whole scheme should work as if it's some kind of intellectual
> problem that requires a solution.  If the Government wants consulting
> to determine the feasibility of this stuff, they need to pay for it.
> Don't give them anything for free, not even opinions on how it
> could be done.  The rest of the industry isn't going to respect
> your expertise and insight if it results in Conroy saying, "Gee,
> thanks for that!  I'll be sure to quote you in my next press
> release!"
> There is, as yet, no technical model from the Government describing
> how their stuff is supposed to work in the real world.  There's
> no statement from them saying whether they want URL filtering,
> flesh tone recognition, diversions to third party filtering service
> providers, or a signed stat dec saying we'll all try our very
> best to avoid sending porn to customers but make no guarantees.
> It is not our job to develop these alternatives for them;  it's
> our job to demolish their proposals, not feed them raw materials.

Yes, I think we are all going to have to clean the traffic ourselves based on scenarios being 
put forward.

Some solutions I have looked at wont scale well and aren't proven (n x 10GE). Vendors have 
been reluctant to commit to much based on our lack of requirements (bandwidth, filtering 
depth, size of list, etc).

Another point of concern would be any requirement to maintain a per-customer black list in 
addition to what ever is mandated.

I would like to gather thoughts from all on:

1) How we might actually provide a "clean feed" (HTTP vs everything). (Appliances, 
trans-proxys, ????)
2) How much do we really think this is going to cost?
3) What are timelines going to look like? 3/6/12 months ?
4) How we would respond to a "per customer" blacklist requirement?

Happy to contribute back what I can.

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