[AusNOG] Happy new year / New rules for age-restricted internet and mobile content after the 20th of january 2008

Mark Newton newton at internode.com.au
Wed Jan 2 19:56:37 EST 2008

On 02/01/2008, at 7:12 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> If anyone's at all interested, I'm more than happy to work with  
> someone
> on building a Squid plugin to provide "AU-government-friendly" HTTP
> filtering support in an upcoming Squid release.

With all due respect, Adrian, this industry shouldn't be doing anything
helpful to "solve" this problem without funding from the Government.

If they want someone to work on this, they need to pay for it.  Every
step of the way.  Don't give them anything for free.

   - mark

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