[AusNOG] Happy new year / New rules forage-restricted internetand mobile content after the 20th ofjanuary 2008

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Wed Jan 2 15:11:08 EST 2008

HI All

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> I doubt the regulator will allow ISPs to charge extra for the filtered
> service, and certainly not the 2-3x required to cover costs.

Why not?
It would be a levy
like the queensland governments ambulance levy

I am considering putting a message on all my accounts saying this fee 
includes government levies
The same as the transport industry do
the Airline industry does etc

We all need to show consumers that their fees include these sorts of levies 
and fees mandated by governments

If the porn filtering is mandated then it will be inserted as an

ALP State Government Ambulance Levy             $xxx.00
ALP  Fed Government porn  filter levie                 $xxx.00

All customers will have to pay regardless of whether they want it

At the end of the day goverments can force these changes,   but customer 
have to pay them.

I would suggest the whole industry adopts someting similar.  Until industry 
turns the responsibility of these costs back onto governements that mandate 
them then they will simply keep introducing them.  Enough is enough   to 
borrow a Qld government slogan



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