[AusNOG] AusNOG list charter

AusNOG ano at ausnog.net
Tue Jan 1 02:01:01 EST 2008


                                 List charter:

   The AusNOG mailing list has been established to provide a forum for
   the exchange of technical information, the discussion of specific
   implementation issues that require cooperation among network service
   providers, the discussion of operational issues, and the discussion of
   technical issues directly relating to the internet service provision
   and telecommunications industry.

   This is NOT a forum for journalists to pick up leads, sales people to
   sell things, or end-users to pester their ISP. Such behaviour will not
   be tolerated (see "Moderation" below).

   Professional respect:

   As a list subscriber, you are required to respect the opinion of
   others, even if you disagree with it. Healthy debate on a topic is
   good, however personal attacks or flaming will not be tolerated.

   It would be worthwhile for new list subscribers to become familiar
   with the posters on the list before jumping in. Some of the guys here
   are experts in their field and have spent years building large-scale
   networks. Their experience is a resource to be valued.

   Remember that when you post mail to the AusNOG mailing list, your post
   will be received by hundreds, or even thousands, or your current and
   potential peers, customers, suppliers and employers. Think before
   posting . you don't want to look foolish in front of these people as
   these are the very people you may need to ask for a job, or a favour,
   one day. The list is also publically archived.

   We ask that list subscribers refrain from using derogatory language,
   both towards individuals, and towards companies or products.


   (a) Don't quote 50 lines of text and add one line to it. Quote what is
   necessary to maintain context, but don't overdo it;

   (b) Keep your signatures and disclaimers short. It's no fun seeing
   signatures that are longer than your posts :-)

   (c) Do not cross-post to multiple lists;

   (d) Please don't post in HTML format - it tends to annoy people who
   read with text mode clients :-(


   Please don't :-)


   Please make sure that if you do use an autoresponder, it's configured
   to not autorespond to list e-mail. If it does, your list membership
   will, in all probability, be suspended until it's fixed.


   The AusNOG mailing list is reactively moderated - that is to say that
   posts will be delivered to members immediately, but if the moderators
   see the list being abused the abuser(s) will be asked to refrain from
   their activities. If the abuser(s) does not cease, their list
   subscription will be set to moderated mode, requiring all future posts
   to be moderator approved. Further inappropriate activity may result in
   the list member being removed.

   Moderators will be appointed by the list operators in due course.
   Moderators will be selected from the list membership, and will be
   listed on this page.

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