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Maybe you want to participate!

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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 22:54:14 -0800
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Subject: [dns-operations] reminder: Day in the Life of the Internet

many of you have already heard about it, but we want to remind
folks of the 'day in the life of the Internet' 2008 experiment:
we're trying to coordinate dns (and possibly other types of)
measurements from a single (2)day period in mid-march 2008.
we will repeat our simultaneous root server collections from
2007, and try to expand our coverage to include other TLDs,
and hopefully data from other levels of the hierarchy, e.g.,
caching resolver data.

OARC is providing special support for this project, and Duane
is executing some practice runs with participations this week,
to test measurement/transport logistics.  your participation
should not require much work, ideally running 'dnscap' on/near
DNS server(s) and sending the pcap files to OARC: (public.oarci.net)
but there are other methods of participation too depending on
your constraints.

if you are interested in donating the time and energy and (some
form of) data to this project, please let duane, kenjiro, or me 
know.  URLs with details:




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