[AusNOG] Policy proposals at APNIC 25

Elly Tawhai elly at apnic.net
Fri Feb 8 16:34:36 EST 2008

Hi AUSNOG members

At APNIC's 25 Open Policy Meeting in two weeks, the community will be
discussing a number of proposals related to the depletion of
remaining unallocated IPv4 address pool. If your network will need
more IPv4 addresses in the next few years, these proposals will
affect you.

In the lead up to APNIC 25, the community is currently discussing
the proposals on the APNIC Policy SIG mailing list. Policy is driven
by input from the community. So I encourage you to read the
discussions to date and add your thoughts to the Policy SIG mailing
list. We need to know what you want so APNIC policies best meet your

Policy proposals under discussion

prop-050: IPv4 address transfers

prop-052: Cooperative distribution of the end of the IPv4 free pool

prop-053: Changing minimum IPv4 allocation size to /24

prop-054: NIR operational policy document revision

prop-055: Global policy for the allocation of the remaining IPv4
           address space

prop-056: IPv4 soft landing

prop-057: Proposal to change IPv6 initial allocation criteria

prop-058: Proposal to create IPv4 shared use address space among

You can read more about the proposals at:


How to join the discussion

You can view the Policy SIG mailing list archive at:


The bulk of discussion about proposals to be presented at APNIC 25
has occurred in January and February this year.

To join the mailing list, go to:


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