[AusNOG] Telstra flicks switch on high speed broadband network

Paul Brooks pbrooks-ausnog at layer10.com.au
Wed Feb 6 14:17:21 EST 2008

Stephen Baxter wrote:
> What if a carrier requested that ADSL gets added to the declared service
> list ? Surely there would need to be a formal process (inquiry or
> similar) into the request ? That was how it worked with respect to
> wholesale access to the HFC network (from memory).
Yes, I would expect that the ACCC would have to launch a formal inquiry, 
discussion paper, and gather responses, IF they were of a mind to 
consider the declaration.

However from Conroys press release:  

"Telstra's decision to enable new exchanges with ADSL2+ broadband 
services follows an assurance that it had an appropriate level of 
regulatory certainty. This advice was provided to the Minister for 
Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy by the Australian 
Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

"The Chairman of the ACCC, Mr Graeme Samuel, advised me that the ACCC 
has made a number of consistent public statements relating to the 
regulation of wholesale access to ADSL services," Senator Conroy said.

"As a result of this advice, I concluded that there is a high degree of 
regulatory certainty in relation to the ACCC's approach to wholesale 
ADSL2+ services. I have written to Telstra 
expressing my position, acknowledging that I agree with the ACCC's stance.

"I am delighted that I could provide this assurance to Telstra and that, 
as a result, a large number of Australian homes and businesses will have 
access to improved broadband services."

So the ACCC has 'assured' the Minister, and the Minister 'has assured' 
Telstra, that such a decision to declare the ADSL service (including 
ADSL2+) will not happen, as the ACCC's past public statements are that 
they see no compelling reason to declare ADSL.


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