[AusNOG] Telstra flicks switch on high speed broadband network

Paul Brooks pbrooks-ausnog at layer10.com.au
Wed Feb 6 14:00:03 EST 2008

Stephen Baxter wrote:
> I was under the impression this style of decision was governed by the
> TPA and therefore the ACCC. Is there legislation required for this ?
> SB
Not legislation.
ADSL is not currently a regulated service like ULLS or LSS - Telstra 
wholesale it voluntarily.
Telstra have said they wanted 'regulatory certainty' that ADSL2+ would 
not become a declared service in the future, before they turned it on 
The ACCC said long ago that they could not see a compelling reason to 
declare access to wholesale ADSL, and that Telstra might get the 
'regulatory certainty' they wanted, if Telstra would only formally ask. 
The TPA process requires a carrier to ask for certainty, before the ACCC 
can decide to grant it or not.

It would appear that Telstra finally effectively wrote the letter and asked.

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