[AusNOG] New IPv6 Technical List

Narelle Clark narellec at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 15:31:15 EST 2008

The Australian Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-AU) has set up a
discussion list for the discussion of IPv6 deployment and operational
issues in Australia.

Those wishing more information on the list should go to:


Please note, the following statements from its charter:

----begin quote------
This list has been set up on behalf of the Internet Society,
Australian Chapter (ISOC-AU), to provide a forum for IPv6 technical
issues within the Australian Internet environment.

All IPv6 technology topics are welcome. Related topics that may assist
the Australian Internet community in establishing IPv6 trials,
networks and services are also welcome. This may include everything
from commercial and political strategy to business cases; explicit
configuration to bugs and 'gotchas'.

Commercially motivated product 'plugging' is not welcome, however well
reasoned, consumer oriented reviews of new technologies and accounts
of personal experience are appreciated.

Comments made on this list are NOT to be construed, used, or
represented in any way, as public statements on behalf of any
Australian Internet Service provider or other entity unless clearly
and explicitly marked as such.

Email from this list may NOT be on forwarded, circulated or otherwise
used without the explicit permission of the original sender/s.

ISOC-AU thanks PPS Internet for its support in operating this service
to the Australian Internet community.

----end quote------


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