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You beat me to it Skeeve :)
The Layer 2 product is up and running. Layer 3 launch date is 2nd of Feb.

On 5/12/08 2:45 PM, "Skeeve Stevens" <skeeve at skeeve.org> wrote:

As far as I know it will be l2tp

iSeek on the list? They were supposed to have it up at the start of December... but I am not sure where they are at.

But if you are looking at only a minor number of tails... talk to Hootie.


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Before going top the extent of having to chase it up with suppliers, do you happen to know if the iSeek product is L2 or L3?

M2's L2 product is outrageously expensive.


Skeeve Stevens wrote:
iSeek is doing it (Optus)

but if you are too small to talk to them directly... talk to some of their wholesalers like Vocus or Platform Networks or others.

If you're expecting there to be money in it, forget it.. it is mainly a roundout product to service your customers.


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Hi All,

Looking for 3G wireless wholesalers out there that have a product already. I'm aware of M2 and IspOne.

Please contact me off list if you know anyone that would be keen to get cracking on a deal asap.


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