[AusNOG] AusNOG01 Reminder

James Spenceley jrs at iroute.org
Thu Sep 27 10:51:52 EST 2007

Hello All,

(excuse the cross posts)

This is a friendly reminder that pre-registration discounts for the  
independent network industry conference, AusNOG01 (Sydney November  
15-16th) close on October 1st. To be eligible for the $50 discounted  
registration simply signup to the event mailing list by October 1st.

This can be done via the conference website ...


Or directly with the mailman interface ...


About AusNOG01
The AusNOG event is organised by Network Operators for Network  
Operators. The AusNOG meeting itself will provide an avenue for  
network operators of all kinds to meet, discuss and exchange ideas  
realted to the industry with specific relevance to the coming 6-12  
months. The conference has a technical, operational and business  
focus. As the conference is run by operators for operators, content  
of the event will be strictly limited to these categories, and this  
will not be a forum for companies to market services, not even in the  
slightest :-)

The Equinix Peering Forum has for this year been rolled into the  
AusNOG01 program, to form the AusNOG 'National Peering  
Forum' (sponsored by PIPE Networks and Equinix) thus providing the  
industry with an independent forum for the discussion and promotion  
of Peering within Australia.

The event program will be announced in the coming weeks and will  
including speakers and industry experts locally and from the USA.

Registration for the event will open October 15th.


James Spenceley

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