[AusNOG] FW: Aust: 'Coonan seeks to censor the Web'

Matthew Sullivan matthew at sorbs.net
Fri Sep 21 07:40:07 EST 2007

Curtis Bayne wrote:
> Hey Everybody,
> Would there be any interest in drafting and sending a formal reply to 
> the senator, on behalf of members of the telecommunications industry, 
> expressing our concern at the proposed legislation?
> I can't vouch for anyone else, but I know that I am deeply concerned 
> about the impact that this will have on smaller telecommunications and 
> service providers within the industry, not to mention freedom of 
> speech within Australia.

Why show concern over something that is never going to work and exposes 
the gross lack of understanding of the Internet of the present 

Why will it not work?

Think logistics, how will they enforce it and have all ISPs block 
traffic to the site?
  --  Especially if the site is SSLd.
  --  Especially if the site is hosted on a major overseas service 
providers' website.
  --  Especially with the myriad of open (insecure) proxy servers on the 
  --  Especially with services designed to defeat this kind of issue 
(think Tor).

Is there any more I have forgotten?  (I'm sure there is).



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