[AusNOG] Need to contact clueful people at Optus

Ian Manners 2600 at comkal.com.au
Mon Oct 15 11:38:54 EST 2007

Hi James,

> We're seeing activity semi-regularly from a box in optus.net.au that,
> judging by DNS, would seem to be perhaps a proxy, that is tying up one of
> our websites.  If you can help (either because you are said clueful Optus
> person, or because you know someone who is), please contact myself and/or
> Daniel (who is CC'd on this message) off list.

Originating from Queensland ?

I have a similar problem at present with an internode address in Sydney,
there like open proxies that someone has installed a robot on that
ignores robots.txt, and indexs everything except zip files ignoring
the fact that WPI files are Warp Installer binary packages, .INF, PDF
tar and gz files etc.  The website it keeps going for is 84G in size.

I've just been blacklisting and reporting with apache logs but nothing
seems to happen :-( Real bugger when it happens just as you hit
the sack and get up in the morning to find 1-2G of your upload limit
on a home server has vanished, and still going.

Ian B Manners

Cole's law:    Thinly sliced cabbage.

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