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AusNOG01 15-16th November 2007

About AusNOG01
The AusNOG event is organised by Network Operators for Network Operators. The AusNOG meeting itself will provide an avenue for network operators of all kinds to meet, discuss and exchange ideas realted to the industry with specific relevance to the coming 6-12 months. The conference has a technical, operational and business focus. As the conference is run by operators for operators, content of the event will be strictly limited to these categories, and this will not be a forum for companies to market services, not even in the slightest :-)

The Equinix Peering Forum has for this year been rolled into the
AusNOG01 program, to form the AusNOG 'National Peering Forum' (sponsored by PIPE Networks and Equinix) thus providing the industry with an independent forum for the discussion and promotion of Peering within Australia.

The event program will be announced in the coming weeks and will including speakers and industry experts locally and from the USA.

Registration for the event will open October 15th.


James Spenceley


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Any chance those of us who missed the original post could have the url date etc reposted?



From: Stephen Baxter
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- Web site done

- Venue has beeen booked.

- Request for speaker launched, some responses gathered

- Facilties in tow to allow credit card registration

- Cisco helped us promote it Networkers and we are gathering
more sponsors

Company has been formed (so we can take money, register for
GST etc and actually run the thing), currently jame S, David
H. and myslef are directors but if anybody at all wants to
get involved at that level you are more than welcome.

The next step really is to get he agenda set then start
taking registrations.

We welcome anybody else who would like to volunteer.



narellec at gmail.com

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