[AusNOG] Rack Space in Equinix Sydney (Urgent) - Thanks!

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Thu Mar 1 01:44:41 EST 2007

Thanks everyone. The equipment was installed today (Wednesday) and all went
well.  Thanks to SurrenderOnline for their super quick response and going
the extra mile.

Thanks to all the people who contacted me with your offers, sorry I wasn't
able to get back to you all personally, but there was about 25 responses.

Now.. To those who emailed me offering me Globalswitch, Transit or other
services.. Guys.. Seriously, please read the request in future.... I didn't
ask for any of those... I thought I was quite specific.

These lists are obviously still well and alive and extremely valuable for us
in this ISP game to do business.  Let's see some more useful discussions.


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Hey all,

	I am looking at my options for at least 1/2 a rack of space in
Equinix with space to grow to a full rack later on.

	Equinix themselves seem to have run out of available racks or have
no man power to provision for at least 2 weeks.

	Will sign for 12 months if the price is right.

	-  24/7 Access cards * 3 (un-escorted) - inductions to be done
	- UPS
	- No transit
	- Interconnects to other parties are reasonable prices

	Equipment to be housed - 2 * 7200's, 3550, 1RU server for a start.

	This would be required urgently - this week (Wednesday)

	So if you have some excess space you would happily rent out to
someone, please let me know urgently.


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