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          NZNOG 08 - Call for Participation and Papers

The next conference of the New Zealand Network Operators' Group is to be
held in Dunedin, New Zealand between 23 January and 25 January 2008. Our
host is WIC.

NZNOG meetings provide opportunities for the exchange of technical
information and discussion of issues relating to the operation and
support of network services, with particular emphasis on New Zealand.

The conference is low priced and has a strong technical focus with the
aim and history of getting a strong turnout of technical personal from
New Zealand Internet orientated companies.

Conference Overview

NZNOG 2008 will consist of one day workshop and tutorial day followed by
two days of conference presentations.  There will also be opportunity for
more informal and small lightening talks. These are typically around five
minutes long and are organised closer to the actual conference.

Important Dates

Call for Papers opens:            25 June 2007
Deadline for speaker submissions:  6 August 2007
Responses to speaker submissions: 24 August 2007
Draft program published:           3 September 2007
Final program published:           1 November 2007
NZNOG 2008 Conference:            23 - 25 January 2008

SIG / Miniconf / Tutorials

The first day of the conference will again be a workshop and tutorial
day. It is usually run as one or more parallel 'interest group' streams
and practical or interactive workshops of interest to Network Operators.
This is a call for papers and activities for the first day of conference.

Examples of past activities workshops include 'MPLS and fixed access
networks for beginners', 'Mikrotik RouterOS Training', 'APNIC Internet
Resource Management Essentials', and a System Administrators
mini-conference which included talks on 'Using Debian packages for
system administration' and '42 hosts in 1U: Using virtual machines'.

Conference Presentations

The main conference program for 2008 will be made up of two days with a
single stream where possible. Presentations don't need to fit any particular
fixed length and can be from 30 minutes to 3 hours in length.

NZNOG conferences have traditionally spanned the entire operational spectrum,
and then some. Proposals for conference presentations are invited for
virtually any topic with a degree of relevance to the NZNOG community.

Past years' talks have included the following:

- Internet exchange operations
- Global anycast networks and the building thereof
- Peering, peering, and peering
- Network security
- 10GB ethernet operations
- Advanced networks in NZ
- Current Internet research in NZ
- Wireless networking
- QOS over carrier networks
- Content distribution networks and media streaming
- How we paid the construction guys 18 pints of beer and they
  gave us a free metro fibre network in Palmy North
- Open Source VoIP Platform in Carrier Environments

If you are interested in submitting a talk please fill out the questions
at then end of this document and email them to prog08 at nznog.org .

Submission Guidelines

When considering a presentation or SIG, remember that the NZNOG audience
is mainly comprised of technical network operators and engineers with a wide
range of experience levels from beginners to multi-year experience. There is
a strong orientation to offer core skills and basic knowledge in the SIGs
and to address issues relevant to the day-to-day operations of ISPs and
network operators in the conference sessions.

The inclusion of a title, bio, topic, abstract, and slides with proposals
is not compulsory but each will help us determine the quality of your
proposal and increase the likelihood it will be accepted.

Final slides are to be provided by 21 January 2008.

Note: While the majority of speaking slots will be submitted by 6 August 2007,
a limited number of slots may be available for presentations that are
exceptionally timely, important, or of critical operational importance.

The NZNOG conference is a TECHNICAL conference so marketing and commercial
content is NOT allowed within the program. The program committee is charged
with maintaining the technical standard of NZNOG conferences, and will
therefore not accept inappropriate materials.  It is expected that the
presenter be a technical person and not a sales or marketing person. The
audience is extremely technical and unforgiving, and expects that the speakers
are themselves very knowledgeable.  All sessions provide time for questions,
so presenters should expect technical questions and be prepared to deliver
insightful and technically deep responses.

Funding and Support

NZNOG conferences are community run and funded events that try to keep the
cost to attendees as low as possible so generally we are unable to pay the
travel costs of speakers.  There is a limited amount of funding available to
international speakers.

Conference presenters will not have to pay any registration fee for the day
they are presenting. Discounts for SIG and lightning talk presenters may
be available but are not automatic.

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations that last no more than 10
minutes. This is a good opportunity to get your pet topic out there or
perhaps to get some experience with presenting without having to go to a
full talk. At NZNOG 2008 it is planned that there will be at least one
hour long lightning talk session.


There are opportunities remaining for organisations to sponsor various
aspects of the NZNOG meeting.

Please contact sponsorship at nznog.org for more information



    * http://2008.nznog.org

General Enquiries

    * info at nznog.org

Talks and Papers

    * prog08 at nznog.org

Talk Proposals

Please send all talk proposals (including lightning talks) to prog08 at nznog.org
along with the requested information. Questions regarding talks can be
sent to the same address.

Sponsorship may be available for a limited number of overseas speakers
to attend the conference, please indicate if you require assistance
with travel and/or accommodation.

Author's Full Name:
Author's Email Address:
Author's affiliation:
Author's short biography:
Title of Talk:
Length of talk:
Please provide details if a version of this talk has previously been given:
Will travel and accommodation assistance be required:

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