[AusNOG] Re: AUSNOG Conference? (AUSCERT#200747f37)

David J. Hughes bambi at Hughes.com.au
Sun Jun 17 11:52:48 EST 2007

> If people tell me what list(s) they need for this, I'll get them setup
> on the AusNOG list server.

Hi Bob,

We just need a single new list created for discussion about all  
aspects of the conference (no need for multiple lists).  If you could  
setup a list for the "organising committee" that'd be great.  ausnog- 
oc@ perhaps, I'll leave the specifics to you.

Gents, when Bob's created the list could I ask all those that have  
offered help either on this list or in private email to subscribe to  
the new list.  From there we can start getting this sorted.



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