[AusNOG] Re: AUSNOG Conference? (AUSCERT#200747f37)

Philip Smith pfs at cisco.com
Sat Jun 16 08:02:20 EST 2007

Skeeve Stevens said the following on 15/6/07 14:07:
> I certainly agree... Bambi for President! ;-)
> Would someone who has run conferences like this before know of the kind of
> roles that need to be fulfilled?  That way something might inspire people to
> get involved.

Ok, I'll say it again...

Creating a million committees to do stuff will guarantee that this won't

Get the first meeting out of the way. You then find out who did the
work, rather than the people who want to be on committees. Trust me,
there are a lot of the latter, and very very few of the former. Gavin,
with experience of hosting APRICOT 2006, will attest to that!

Note, NANOG has only in the last few years managed to create 3
committees - and NANOG has been going for many many years.

APRICOT has retired its surplus committees, and all the passengers who
wanted to be on committees but did nothing. Bambi will remember early
APRICOTs which were largely committee free until the turn of the century
where it became committee overload for a few years.

SANOG did not have a committee when it started, just a very small group
of folks who had a vision about a South Asia NOG. 10 SANOGs later, we
only have two committees to manage a 250 attendee 6 monthly NOG, and we
really don't need more committees...

So, suggestion, let's spend less time discussing committees and
structure; set up one mailing list with the folks who have said they'll
do stuff, and then quite simply, do stuff. James' list of things that
need to be done is fine start. By the time you are thinking of AusNOG 2,
you will then have a good idea who is good at organising an event, and
who is good at extracting presentations; Coordination and Programme
Committees are made, etc.

I can help, if folks want me to help, but I'm already very involved at
the committee level in several other NOGs, and don't particularly want
to slice my time even more.


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