[AusNOG] Re: AUSNOG Conference? (AUSCERT#200747f37)

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Fri Jun 15 14:57:24 EST 2007

oooooook... that's what I was looking for ;-)  You've done this before

I'm happy to be a member of the programme committee if James will have me.
That would be 2 Sydney based people.


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> Would someone who has run conferences like this before know of the  
> kind of
> roles that need to be fulfilled?  That way something might inspire  
> people to
> get involved.
> I certainly would be interested in helping somehow, but not sure  
> really as
> not too much experience with conferences.
> ...Skeeve

Being  subset of an already (albeit, yet to be) organized event, it  
shouldn't be too difficult to throw something together.

I propose something along the lines of ...

Organizing Committee
   - Budgets, logistics, coordination w/AUSCERT, marketing,  
sponsorship, decision ratification
   - Responsible for formation of sub-committees
   - To consist of chair, co-chair, and 4 members
(Chair: Bambi, Co-Chair: TBA, Members: TBA)

Program Committee
   - Track outlines, calls for papers, selection of speakers, general  
program matters
   - Responsible to the OC on content of event
   - To consist of chair, co-chair and 3 volunteers
(Chair: TBA, Co-Chair: TBA, Members: TBA)

Working Bee Pool
   - Assigned task from OC
   - Individually responsible for tasks, jointly responsible for  
management of tasks.
        - printing, design, registration, venue specific tasks, event  
co-ordination, day of event management
   - To consist of 8-10 people, no less than 4 located in the host  
city region
(Chair: TBA, Co-Chair: TBA, Members: TBA)

I'm happy to throw my hat in for Program committee chair.


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