[AusNOG] Re: AUSNOG Conference? (AUSCERT#200747f37)

Robert Lowe rlowe at auscert.org.au
Thu Jun 14 09:57:18 EST 2007

Greetings AUSNOG,

> The "organisers" and the "host" can be totally separate.

Within this context, AusCERT would be happy to host an AUSNOG event (either 
the Sunday before or the Thursday after) next year's AusCERT conference (May 
2008). By doing this we'd be able to roll a lot of the logistics into the rest 
of the conference organisation, without too much overhead. Also, there is the 
option to arrange some relevant speakers from the main conference to talk at 
the AUSNOG conference.

We'd prefer the organisation (particularly deciding the program, call for 
papers etc.) be done by people who are more active within the AUSNOG community.


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