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Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
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Hey guys,

An idea was floated on the ausnog mailing list a couple of weeks ago by
Terry @ APNIC that there was a suggestion at the recent AUSCERT2007 that
their might be some interest in kicking off a AUSNOG conference of sorts.

NZNog held one early this year (http://2007.nznog.org/) and are already
planning 2008's conference (http://2008.nznog.org/).

I thought I should post this suggestion here to see if it would gain some

I am not even sure what body would host it - since AUSNOG, like NZNOG
doesn't officially exists as a legal entity - but the NZNOG guys haven't
seem to find this a major challenge.

I am sure in this country a lot of people would support an idea of a neutral
conference for Network Operators... so I thought I would start a thread and
see if anything came of it.

I guess questions could be raised such as:
- Ideas for seminar topics
- Length of conference (1 or 2 days / weekdays or weekend)
- Location suggestions (free offers of hosting it would obviously be the
- Raising some money for obvious expenses I guess - Sponsors?
- Who's in charge of making it happen? Should we (who are we?) make a call
for an organisers committee?
- Where should a possible conference be discussed? This REP area is closed
to some people such as APNIC and maybe regional people who might be

Let the discussion start.

Should I cross-post the couple of existing posts from the ausnog list before
the discussion fizzled - probably due to the limited members of the list as
opposed to the topic ;-)


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