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Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Mon Jun 4 14:42:27 EST 2007

Mmmmm, I think you _could_ use DOV a while ago but I've heard Telstra 
are doing their level best to get rid of the loophole so you have to pay 
for ISDN call rates. That said I haven't worked in retail ISP industry 
for a few years so I'm happy to be corrected.

Troy Davis wrote:

> If my memory serves me correctly you can use DOV data over voice to your
> carrier which will basically just make it 2 x dialup accounts. I did this
> for quite a while when I was unable to access ADSL
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> Last year I was working for an organisation with nodes in remote and 
> hard to access places like Balgo (no, not Balga in Perth, I'm talking 
> Balg0, about 200k's South East of Halls Creek), Kupungarri, Billiluna, 
> Imintji, etc
> They already had existing two way satellite services which were 
> expensive and of course high latency but I was asked to investigate and, 
> if practical, implement ISDN on those area's. The idea was of course to 
> use the reduced latency of ISDN to make our applications work better 
> when used over VPN, whilst also leaving the sallite available as a 
> fallback if the ISDN failed and or setting priorities so any traffic not 
> destined for the VPN would go over the higher latency satellite and 
> leave more room on the ISDN for the VPN traffic.
> Being in the Kimberley, wet season monsoons can quickly wipe out a 
> satellite service for a few days, sometimes a week or so, but once the 
> clouds have cleared (or the cyclones have passed) there's also the 
> chance of local exchanges flooding or poorly insulated cables arcing and 
> all that, and yes it's expensive to have two services feeding the same 
> sites, redundancy is essential when travel time to those sites is at 
> least a day by car and there's no regular air services.
> BigPond ISDN was the only option availabe and the set-up/installation 
> fees were not cheap, the download quota's are also extremely minimal and 
> of course the usual Telstra requirement of having all phone/data 
> services with Telstra.
> eg
> http://my.bigpond.com/internetplans/dialisdn/isdn_plans/default.jsp
> has the requirement to be on BigPond Home
> http://www.telstra.com.au/isdn/pricing.htm
> I don't have all my research data with me from that project but you're 
> welcome to contact me off list with any questions.
> Curtis Bayne wrote:
>>Hey Edwin,
>>Sorry for the late reply - but has your friend considered ISDN? 
>>Throughput may not be quite as good, but it may be the only alternative 
>>for latency sensitive applications. You'll find that latency 
>>on satellite is usually around the ~700-800ms mark, weather and location 
>>On 03/06/2007, at 12:55 PM, Edwin Groothuis wrote:
>>>Thanks to all who replied. Much appreciated by my friend, and I've
>>>learned quite some about what the possibilities are.

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