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Marco Huggenberger marco.huggenberger at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 19:21:29 EST 2007

Hi Folks

Just forwarding this message from the OpenOffice.org Discussion list.
Are there any other options to get OpenOffice.org freely from other
Australian ISPs? For e.g. www.office-cd.org ships the CD-ROM freely
(free of charge, but you can donate) to switzerland, germany and

Happy holidays from cold & cloudy Zurich

Marco Huggenberger

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Date: 19.12.2007 07:56
Subject: [discuss] Australia's Biggest ISP removes OO from Free Download list
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Compared to most other OECD countries Australia compares poorly on
Internet access. It is generally slow, expensive and download allowances
are miserly.

Our biggest ISP "Bigpond.com", sometimes called "Bigpong", makes a lot
of files available for free download, ie the download isn't metered.
Except Openoffice-

Bigpond have removed OpenOffice, a free Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet etc
package, from their "Un-metered File Download site" because it competes
with their new online "Bigpond Office" product. They are refusing
customers requests to update the OpenOffice files because it competes
with Bigpond Office.

Source: Crikey.com.au, online paid subscription newsletter/

Happy Festivus


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