[AusNOG] Terminal servers

Nick Slager nicks at onthenet.com.au
Mon Aug 13 14:51:27 EST 2007

We're looking at replacing a bunch of terminal/console servers in our  
POPs in the near future, and are interested in the Avocent/Cyclades  

Would very much like to hear feedback on this gear if you're using  
it, both successes and horror stories. Alternatively, if you've had  
great success with another vendor, would like to hear about that too.

This is primarily to support OOB management of Cisco devices,  
although our server guys would probably be interested in your  
experience with Cyclades server management kit also.



Nick Slager
OntheNet Network Administration
P  +61 7 5553 9222
F  +61 7 5593 3557
W  http://www.onthenet.com.au

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