[AusNOG] Datacenters Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Jacques Kosky jmkosky at vicnet.net.au
Tue Oct 10 10:15:52 EST 2006

Hi Folks
We have just been informed that due to changes in the AAPT co-location 
policy that Access Wireless will be pulling out of AAPT at 530 Collins St 
Melbourne. Can anyone out there give me a heads up (off list if you like. 
All discretion and privacy offered) about exactly what AAPT are up to?

I have always lived by the rule of knowing when to get out of Dodge and 
secondly how to get out of Dodge. Any recommendations for a decent carrier 
neutral data center in  Melbourne CBD or close by gratefully received. Must 
have access to Uecomm, Powertel, Telstra, Pipe, Macquarie and Access Wireless.

Its not a move I take lightly but its good to have a backup plan or three.

Apologies for cross posting. It just that electrons are expensive these 
days. :-)
Jacques Kosky
Senior Network Administrator
Community Technology Services - State Library of Victoria
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