[AusNOG] Re: [Oz-ISP] FW: Screwed Again: House Rejects Net Neutrality

John De La Fuente john at fishtelecom.com.au
Fri Jun 9 15:06:09 EST 2006

I have to agree with Skeeve.

IMHO it will only affect 'content companies' in the US. Comapnies such 
as EBay, Google, Yahoo have managed to strike up peering relationships 
with some large Tier 1's in the US. Few of them, if any, have been able 
to do the same here in Australia.

Peering with any of the Tier 1's in Australia has been (to put it 
mildly) difficult. There's no 'net neutrality' problem if the content 
companies can't peer with the Tier 1's. As you can imagine, Google, 
Yahoo and EBay have a great deal of influence and have managed over the 
years to setup some pretty lucrative peering arrangements with some of 
the larger Tier 1's in the US.

What is a concern is some of the comments made at Nanog this week at the 
Peering BOF by Daniel Golding from Tier 1 Research. Given the disruption 
that's been occuring with the US Tier 1's, there's been information 
presented that a potential 'Tier 0' may be formed between Verizon (inc. 
MCI) and AT&T (not too dissimilar with what occured between TCNZ and 
Telstra Clear in NZ last year) and those two de-peering themselves from 
the others. Although it's very 'out there' the consequences are disturbing.

Here's a link to the Peering BOF at Nanog this week: 

Cheers everyone.

Kind regards,
John De La Fuente
Fish Telecom Wollongong

Deus Ex Machina wrote:

>Skeeve Stevens [skeeve at skeeve.org] wrote:
>not bugger. thank god its been rejected. the last thing you want is government regulating the
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