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Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Fri Jul 21 17:58:58 EST 2006

Hey all,

	I'm not asking for any specifics of any carriers ICP, but I am
trying to figure out what methods I should be using for some of my clients.

	Presently we're looking at mirroring switch ports and taking that
into a Linux box/laptop/etc to be collected by TCPDump or some such.  Is
that all they need to be able to get what they want?  There are programs
like VoIPong which can record VoIP calls in raw format, but I'm not sure if
they want us to go to that extend.

	I'm really wondering what is expected by the AGD in regards to
format of the data collected and so on.  Normally I would go meet with them
and so on, but I've run out of time for this year.

	If anyone can recommend, not specifically what they do, but maybe
more specifically, based on the above context, what is acceptable to the
LEA's in this area.

	Thanks for this guys.


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